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Racing in the Game World

One of the newest Formula One games is about to be released and I can’t wait. It has all of the new drivers from this year and there are some new features that make the game even better. I started playing these types of games many years ago when I was just a little kid. I had my controller in hand and would just pour on the gas until I hit the finish line. I didn’t care about using the brakes and would sometimes bump ino the other drivers without a care in the world. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized I needed to brake.

Once I began playing the game like a normal person, I put more effort into my driving. I would try to cross the finish line without hitting the other drivers and I would actually try to improve my race times. I was a bit of a slower driver when I would stick to driving without hitting anything, but I learned how to put more gas in without over doing it. I also used the corners to my advantage, because I could apply the brakes a little bit and do some great skid techniques that would let me continue without slowing down too much.

As the release date for the new game draws closer, I’ve been playing the old game repeatedly. I have been going over my old time trials and working on improving. I’ve also been playing some online races against other people to see if I can best them. I’ve done pretty well, but there are still some other people who can beat me in a race without much problems. I think that getting better than these people will take a lot more work, but I can do it over time if I try.