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How To Your Own Private Swimming Pool

Swimming is a great way to keep fit and stay in shape because it makes use of every muscle in the body. It is also relaxing as being immersed in water provides a welcome counter force to the effect of gravity. However, few of us have our own swimming pools. We have to put up with the often crowded public swimming pools in leisure centres and health clubs. It can be frustrating getting held up by slower swimmers or even being tail-gated by faster swimmers. Not to mention, the chance that other swimmers could be sick or urinate in the pool.

Is there a solution to exclusive use of a pool without building your own or hiring out the leisure centre?

Yes there is – endless pools!

Endless pools are effectively treadmills for swimming. They are small pools approximately 2.5 metres long and two metres wide. At one end there is a jet which creates a variable current gives enough resistance for a swimmer to swim against without hitting the edge. The speed can be adjusted to the swimmer’s ability or stroke. For example, a swimmer can select a fast speed for swimming crawl, butterfly and backstroke; or alternatively choose a slow speed for breaststroke.

Endless pools are a cost-effective way for the average earner to own their own pool, only requiring a reasonable size garden or garage. True, they would have to sacrifice the space which could otherwise be used for storage, growing vegetables or general relaxation so there would have to be a strong preference to swimming as a form of exercise.

Endless pools would be an excellent idea for a small business – the main attraction being the ability to swim in private for a small one-off cost. It would only require an average size warehouse to be adapted to fit about ten rooms, each containing an endless pool. Customers could then book a pool online for an hour or half hour slot, then go to the room to change and start swimming. No more grotty public changing rooms! It would provide an excellent method of training since customers would be able to set the jets to allow them to swim at a constant speed for certain periods, as well as adjusting them to practise different strokes. Additional equipment could even be used to simulate weather condition such as waves for open water swimming. What perfect way to train for a cross-channel swim? Put an exercise bike and treadmill in the same room and you have the perfect simulation suite for triathlon training!